When we owe a lot of money, we often lose our peace of mind and sleep, as we are constantly worried about paying back the money that we have borrowed. When the borrowed amount is small and it is borrowed from friends or family, we have the opportunity of payingRead More →

Imagine the day you made your very last payment on your debt. You have paid off your mortgage, your personal loans and credit card bills. You can say goodbye to the mounting bills, the stress of living in fear for all your properties, and the anxiety of having your debtsRead More →

In an economy where thousands of Americans are experiencing difficulty in paying their bills each month, many of us are searching for debt relief options to lighten our financial burdens. Even the most financially responsible U.S. citizens find it difficult, or sometimes impossible, to maintain their life savings when someRead More →

Debt is very much a part of the modern society. According to research, we all owe someone something. Financial experts agree that not all debt is bad and in fact, at times it is necessary. It does not take an expert to let you know that grave debt can beRead More →

Recently my family and I dug out a game we love to play called Cashflow 101. If you’ve heard of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, you’ve likely seen or heard of this game. Cashflow 101 (yes there’s a Cashflow 202 expansion) is a boardRead More →