Using the Acceptance Agent Services ITIN for Better Processing of Tax Services

An ITIN is a number used to access all the financial services under the US federal government. It is issued by the Internal Revenue Service as a form of identification to the nonresident alien individuals or for familial status of fiscal residents who do not have the authorization to work, so that they become eligible to receive a legal status. The Acceptance agents are basically individuals or business entities who have got the certifications to assist the immigrants, requesting for an ITIN, thus ensuring that the amended applications are processed efficiently and effectively.

A regular acceptance agent does not possess the authority to accept or deny all the important documents submitted by the individuals in order to get an ITIN. They are vested with the sole responsibility of submitting all original copies to the office of the IRS and deliver a Certificate of Accuracy to the concerned applicant. Going to the agencies also helps the individuals from mailing the original passports or certified copies of the passports as the office staff after verification returns all the original documents to them while prepares and sends the authenticated documents in lieu of the original ones. The staff members at the service signs the ITIN application forms prior to submission.

Since ITIN’s has gone hand in hand with the tax preparation business the certified agents have been able to expand the existing customer base by simplifying the application process for the clients not having a social security number can apply as a person through them. These agents also help the individuals in

• The correct completion of the application form W7

• The inclusion of correct and authenticated documents for the specific case. They also review the accuracy of the supporting documents including national identity cards along with civil birth certificates, visa and federal tax return attached to the form, both for the primary and secondary taxpayers

• The avoiding of the long lines at the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center thereby saves time.

• The avoiding of costs as the applicants does not have to certify the passports in his or her own country

• Receiving a priority over the applications submitted by the individual taxpayers.

• Helping to avoid the burden of having to be without the original identity documents up to 8 weeks and remove the potential risks of the documents getting lost.

The IRS does not charge a fee for obtaining an ITIN. However, the Acceptance Agent may charge some remuneration for his or her respective services but facilitates a speedy application process.

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