Ask just about anybody and they’ll tell you that it’s not easy being in business right now. As the global economy climbs out of one recession and looks poised to enter another, businesses everywhere are struggling to get their foot on the gas and really accelerate growth. It’s a situationRead More →

Tax planning is a very important aspect of Financial Planning and we have to approach it keeping in mind the bigger picture. There are various sections under the Income Tax Act which we can use to our advantage in order to save on our outgo of tax. A lot ofRead More →

Bankruptcy is a legally complicated process. Successfully filing for bankruptcy can offer you a fresh start with your finances, allowing you to turn your life around completely and leave the past behind. However, not everyone who files for bankruptcy has their case accepted. There are many reasons your bankruptcy filingRead More →

The Challenge: Traditional Bank Lenders usually don’t like funding businesses during periods of variable cash flow or unpredictable collateral – e.g., periods of very high business growth, or on the flip side, reduced operating performance. The Solution: Non-Bank (Alternative) Lenders specializing in asset based lending or those that provide shortRead More →