The decision whether to file bankruptcy requires you look at alternative ways of achieving your goal to be financially free from debt. There are several approaches and each achieves the result you’re looking for, with varying effects on credit scores. Debt Repayment seems like a no brainer and it’s whatRead More →

Ask just about anybody and they’ll tell you that it’s not easy being in business right now. As the global economy climbs out of one recession and looks poised to enter another, businesses everywhere are struggling to get their foot on the gas and really accelerate growth. It’s a situationRead More →

Bankruptcy is a legally complicated process. Successfully filing for bankruptcy can offer you a fresh start with your finances, allowing you to turn your life around completely and leave the past behind. However, not everyone who files for bankruptcy has their case accepted. There are many reasons your bankruptcy filingRead More →

One of the biggest concerns for anyone considering bankruptcy is how their credit will be affected by filing. Everyone knows there is some impact. Most disagree as to the size or the duration of the impact. That, and how to rebuild are two things I hope to shed some lightRead More →

Many people seeking debt relief are overwhelmed by the option. While there are several solutions for getting you out of debt and back on track, nearly all come with a barrage of questions. Here are some answers to some of the more common questions people ask about filing for bankruptcy:Read More →

Anyone who has ever dealt with a wage garnishment before knows that it can be a crushing financial blow. Money you’re earning never makes it into your own hands, let alone your bank account. Suddenly, a financial situation which was tough is much tougher, and the obligations begin to pileRead More →

Though the very term might send many people into a dizzy, declaring bankruptcy is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it might be your biggest saving grace in times of financial upheavals. However it has its downsides like bad credit scores, difficulty in obtaining and conducting future financial transactions andRead More →

For individuals facing potentially difficult financial circumstances, it’s important to get a sense of what’s happening elsewhere, and what the entire economy is looking like as of late. Here, we’ll showcase some of the latest economy statistics you should be familiar with, touching on subjects including jobs, foreclosures and bankruptcies.Read More →

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, then you’re already in a tough spot. You’re facing mounting debts and pressure, time is low, and so is money. You need a solution, and bankruptcy offers that. However, there are also various non-bankruptcy solutions or bankruptcy alternatives which are available to you. It’s importantRead More →