Banks lend money. Taxis transport people from one pace to another. You may not think there is much similarity between the two. But both are based on a simple enough premise. Both have managed to build an uncontested and reliable status quo. Both are also facing a challenge to theirRead More →

No matter how good of an idea or operation model you have, you cannot start an establishment without money. A lot of people struggle to get started simply because they cannot secure the funds to make their very real and concrete ideas a reality. Securing business loans is practically theRead More →

Are you finding it difficult to generate auto leads? Well, if you are using the old, traditional method of marketing it is high time switch over to the modern means of online marketing to get uninterrupted leads daily. The internet-based promotional techniques can help you gain exposure and visibility onRead More →

If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, then you’re already in a tough spot. You’re facing mounting debts and pressure, time is low, and so is money. You need a solution, and bankruptcy offers that. However, there are also various non-bankruptcy solutions or bankruptcy alternatives which are available to you. It’s importantRead More →

Since the financial crash of 2008, commercial banking has undergone a monumental shift in regulatory reform to both manage and mitigate against operational risk. This transformation has been combined with an increased focus on improving enterprise-wide efficiency, profitability and shareholder value. Established regulations such as Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Basel IIRead More →

Don’t transfer a large deposit of money into your bank account. Your lender needs verification on it, and this process can be lengthy if you can’t produce documentation like a pay stub, invoice, or a letter from a gift-giver. Always talk to your Loan Officer upfront for guidance if youRead More →